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Condition: VERY GOOD
9.5" by 6.25"
Price: $150.00
The Domestic Shipping amount
for this one item is 3.75
Mopar Radio Model 802 Owner's Manual, 1946, RARE
Stock No: 0339
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Owner's Manual and Installation Instructions, Mopar Radio Model 802, Custom Built for 1946 Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto, Chrysler......opens to 12.5" x 19"......EXTREMELY RARE
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Selling Dealer Information:
robert/francesca art & antiques
Robert Hull
Phone: 413.207.4685
We try to list hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind, or at the very least rare-to-medium rare items....on some menu choices, the chef may be able to cook up a special price to better fit your palate
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                         From: Jane Doe

Sunday night I sat down and did some shopping. I asked questions, made offers and even jumped all in and purchased some things. It might have been a mistake because everyone but one took me up on those offers and already I have checks in the mail and product on its way to me. At the same time I did some walking around other sites. I could not find anything at Ruby that I could afford. I found an interest in a couple of things on Ebay and asked questions. So far not one response from any of that... Thanks again, I plan to be back. Have a great day!

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