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Condition: Very Good
13" by 18"
Price: $75.00
Holyoke, Mass., Merrick Thread Co. Engraving Vignettes, 1876
Stock No: 1568
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Great old half-poster-size leaf from the Asher & Adams Railroad Atlas, 1876, with steel engraving vignettes of the Merrick Thread Company and text related to the company history....a full 13" x 18".....very good condition.....QUITE RARE I THINK and a marvelous item for a Holyoke historian/ shipping....
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robert/francesca art & antiques
Robert Hull
Phone: 413.207.4685
We try to list hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind, or at the very least rare-to-medium rare items....on some menu choices, the chef may be able to cook up a special price to better fit your palate
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                         From: Dave
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I received my Nichol Kola stand up today. Very well packaged, great piece. Thanks for working with me. Thanks

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