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Condition: Very Good
13" by 18"
Price: $75.00
Holyoke, Mass., Merrick Thread Co. Engraving Vignettes, 1876
Stock No: 1568
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Great old half-poster-size leaf from the Asher & Adams Railroad Atlas, 1876, with steel engraving vignettes of the Merrick Thread Company and text related to the company history....a full 13" x 18".....very good condition.....QUITE RARE I THINK and a marvelous item for a Holyoke historian/ shipping....
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robert/francesca art & antiques
Robert Hull
Phone: 413.207.4685
We try to list hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind, or at the very least rare-to-medium rare items....on some menu choices, the chef may be able to cook up a special price to better fit your palate
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                         From: Kathy and Dan
                         To: Normalnorm

Hi Norm, The box arrived today and we are absolutely thrilled with both the Heinz signs and the tip tray...all in wonderful condition. The signs are already hung on the wall and the tip tray placed!! We want to thank you for the excellent packing....very much appreciated! We'll continue to watch icollect for your items. We happened to already have the Grapenuts sign. Do you have any Kellogg's pieces? We have quite a large collection of early Kelloggs....the plant is just a half hour from Kalamazoo

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