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Condition: Good
Price: $40.00
Two Moctezuma Mexican Beer Menus, 1926, Rare
Stock No: 1570
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One depicts the brewery....the larger with some separation at folds, staining, autographed indistinctly....album residue on reverse of both....QUITE RARE I shipping
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Selling Dealer Information:
robert/francesca art & antiques
Robert Hull
Phone: 413.207.4685
We try to list hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind, or at the very least rare-to-medium rare items....on some menu choices, the chef may be able to cook up a special price to better fit your palate
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                         From: Marilyn R
                         To: Irene Davis

About a year or so ago, I had commented to you about fixing the listings so you could read high to low price or whatever and something else I mentioned and you have improved your website alot. Goes so much more smoothly. I have two collector friends using your site as well now. I do hope they're buying things on there. One nice lady (seller) and I can't remember her name now, was keeping me posted with Esquire shoe polish she found so we could fill our display rack. She did such a good job, I filled it and had to tell her to stop. So, we've enjoyed using your site and dealing with nice people selling from there.

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