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Condition: VG
9" by 6"
Price: $5.00
The Domestic Shipping amount
for this one item is 1.50
Stock No: 716
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1909 "The Idea" a sign of the times small magazine published by Adon A. Yoder featuring sermonettes about the Political conditions in Richmond Va . Articles as noted on the cover of the magazine.
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Selling Dealer Information:
S. H. Jemik
Steve Krulik
P.O.Box 753
Bowie, Maryland 20718-0753
Phone: 301-262-1864
Feedback Our Sellers Have Received
                         From: Doreen
                         To: Irene Davis, Creekhouse Antiques

I just wanted to thank you again for being so patient about my phone troubles. I got my package yesterday and I was so happy. These items from Bachmann were in the local "dime" store when I was a kid and I could not save my allowance fast enough to get all of them for my Barbie.

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