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Listing found under: Transportation-Autos & Advertising-Gas and Oil

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Condition: Good to Very Good

was $74.00
Price: $63.00
Penn Drake Wheel Bearing Grease Can, 1 pound, FULL
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Penn Drake Wheel Bearing Grease Can, 1 pound, FULL.
Marilyn Schwartz's Policies

Selling Dealer Information:
Marilyn Schwartz
We specialize in a broad variety of original, vintage gasoline station memorabilia, plus some antique household items.
Feedback Our Sellers Have Received
                         From: Splitshot
                         To: Clay Smith, Das Bulli Haus

Hi , The pail arrived today in great shape. Am very pleased with the patient and professional way you handled the transaction, and would be glad to leave pos. feedback for you (a la Ebay), but I have no idea how, or if it is even possible. If not, maybe you can use this email a reference. Thanks again

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