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Condition: Good
5" by 3"
Price: $39.00
Estimate Only. Actual charges may vary on box size & packing material.
U.S. Zip Code
International Country

Ship Weight: 11.00 ounces

Colgates Weekend Package
Stock No: 1796
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Circa 1920's-1930's weekend travel package in cardboard box. Packaged by Colgate. Box has paper wrapped cover that has a full color image of a woman dressed for travel, a porter carrying bags and a train in the background. Package contains a cold cream box, 2 dental cream boxes, and a compact. All items are empty except for item description sheets inside each box. Box shows moisture staining and minor wear around edges. 1796-80WT
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Selling Dealer Information:
Irene Davis
P.O. Box 56
Tasley, VA 23441
Phone: 757-894-1218
From doing antique/collectible shows to once owning an antique shop, we have over 30 years of experience. We carry a wide selection of items with advertising being our speciality.
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