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Condition: Very Good
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GEORGE SISLER KNACK BATTING 1934 & FAMOUS SLUGGERS 1933 BASEBALL POCKET GUIDES. Here are two 80 year old baseball publications for one money. The first is George Sisler Knack Batting and how to select and care for your bat. Distributed by Hillerich & Bradsby Co, this booklet must have come with a purchase of a bat. 32 pages of mostly George telling how to bat/hit etc. Complete issue with a couple pencil marks, no rips or tears, white pages. Next is the Famous Sluggers of 1933, great little pocket guide with 73 pages jam packed of baseball news and stats of the day. Has Chuck Klein and Jimmie Foxx on the cover, Ruth Hornsby, Gehrig,etc all the greats are here. A little ink writing on the front and back plus some pencil/ink writing on some of the inside pages. Not much really and what there is is quite faded. This booklet is solid and complete, a real nice copy. Please ask any questions that you may have. Thank you, Dave
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Great Garloo Toys, Mishmash & Hodgepodge
Dave Zurick
Phone: 609 443 3074
I have been collecting for over 20 years, mostly toys and a bit of everthing else. I have had 100% feedback rating on Ebay since 1998. I describe items to the best of my ability. You can always call me at 609 443 3074. Thank you Dave
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                         From: Bill
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Thanks Marcia: I have two 1948 tractors I've restored. The one tractor is a 1948 Ford 8N and they were shipped from the company with a tool kit. I've been able to collect all the tools that were in that kit except for the wrench that you have. This will complete that kit. I appreciate the fact that you've put it up and I will be able to finally complete the kit. he service that you provide is a good one for people like me that have limited time for my hobbies. Keep it up!!

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