iCollect247.com was started in 2007 as a site to offer "Only Vintage" items. Collectors prefer iCollect247.com rather than spending hours sorting through numerous reproductions, fantasy or limited edition items. We are dedicated to keeping iCollect247.com pure vintage by reviewing every seller's listing before it goes "live". This ensures it meets the iCollect247.com high standard of vintage. To learn more click here.

Within 6 months of its entrance to the web, the site had over a million hits per month proving that a demand for a "vintage only" venue was needed. By the end of 2011 the site was receiving over 4 million hits a month. Each month brings more collectors and sellers to the site. While other sites took out the personal contact between sellers and collectors by using screen names, iCollect247.com takes the "personal" approach. As a buyer, you talk to and ask questions of "real" people, who have "real" names and are collectors just like you. You interact directly with the seller. As a seller, you can reach us directly by phone and you talk to the owners and not employees.

The site continually updates to meet the needs of both the collectors and sellers AND we are a resource for today's collectors.

Our passion for collecting for over 40 years has brought that same passion to those who have bought from iCollect247.com. Collecting is just not a hobby it is a life style, so shop and sell on iCollect247.com today and join our collecting family.

Our Quality Sellers

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