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How our site works:

1. How Do I Open a Shop on

◈ Click on "Open a Shop" (found on the upper right hand corner)
◈ Fill out the form, hit the submit sure to write down your web name and password.
◈ To get your shop started, we offer 15 days free, so you can get lots of items listed in your shop. You will receive a Welcome Package in the mail within 15 days. In the package it will include a recurring billing form. You may use recurring credit card payment or Paypal. Please fill out and return before that 15 days is up. You may cancel at any time with 15 days notice of your anniversary date. If you prefer Paypal, you will receive an invoice from Paypal.

2. What can I list on the site?

We are an all "Vintage" Site,with items made before 1990, with no limited editions, reproductions or fantasy items. Please review the Listing Policy which can be found in the green bar under "Sell on icollect247" and pull down menu.

3. How much does it cost to sell on the site?

A flat $50 per month and includes 12 pictures per listing. No selling or listing fee. List as much as you wish. Listings may stay as long as your store remains open. A "Hold All" button is provided for those who wish to put their inventory on hold (out of public view) while you are at shows or on vacation. Rent continues during this period. No long term contract, just month to month.

4. How do I add and edit items?

◈ Log In and click on the "Me" Button in the DEALER HOME.
◈ Use the drop down and click where you want to go.
◈ When you are finished with the add and edit items be sure to hit the submit button.

5. Why is my Listing Pending?

Your listing will show as pending until it is approved as vintage and fits to our site. After approved it will appear in the "New Arrivals" as well as in your store and will be live on the site.

6. How does a sale take place?

◈ When a buyer purchases one of your listings, you will be notified by email that you have an order.
◈ Sign in and go to your "Me" button in the DEALER HOME
◈ Click on "Retrieve Order".
◈ Add shipping, insurance and sales tax (if it applies) and any discount that you have given.
◈ Click "Send Invoice" The buyer will then get an email letting them know you have updated the order.

7. How do I pay my monthly rent?

We will be sending you a "Welcome" packet with information on the site works. In the packet, there will be a recurring authorization form. Please fill out the form and returned to us within 15 days. If you prefer to pay via Paypal, we ask that you still fill out the form and return. Your monthly rent starts 15 days after you open your shop, and will be billed on the monthly anniversary date. A reoccurring credit card billing sheet will be enclosed in your welcome packet.

8. How can I tell if my listings are being viewed??

Under your "ME" button go to "My Shop Statistics". This page will track all sorts of information for you.

10. Is there software available to me for an inventory system?

Not at the present. However, there are several tricks to loading lots of listing then going back to complete and upload pictures at a future time. Contact us for more information at:

11. How can I put my inventory on hold if I am on vacation or doing shows?

Yes, we have that available. Just go to "Edit/Remove" Listings and click the "Hold All" button on the right corner just above the listings. When you are ready to make your listings back live, go to the same area and click the button "Activate All". If you just want to put "ONE" item on hold, use the "On Hold" button to the right of the listing.

12. How do I contact the website directly?

Contact us via email at: or by using the tab - "Have Questions" then "Contact us".

13. What happens if I decide to close my store?

Email us 15 days prior to the end of your billing period. We will automatically close your store, you need not do anything. All listings, pictures, sales and data will be permanently deleted.

Additional Questions Contact us at