Block and Tackle with Hemp Rope Country Store

Item: Block and Tackle with Hemp Rope Country Store
Back in the days before fork lifts these block and tackle rigs were used for everything from getting hay bales into the barn loft to dragging logs into the saw mill. This example dates from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century and is the prefect size for lifting hay bales. The blocks are oak with wrought iron hooks and hardware and the rope that joins them is made of hemp. One side of each block has a small brass emblem embossed with a crescent moon. The wood still has most of its original finish intact so it wasn't stored in the weather. With the hooks the blocks measure about ten inches long by four inches wide and the rope is coiled nicely between them, creating a great display piece for a primitive room. 15379-51QPP
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 10" tall by 4" wide
Stock #: 15379c

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