Antique Junghan's Mantle Wind Up Clock

Item: Antique Junghan's Mantle Wind Up Clock
This Junghan's mantle clock measures approximately 21 tall to the point of the finale and was made by one of the finest and oldest clock makers, the Junghan company in Schramberg, established in 1861 and still operating today. their trademark was registered in 1894, the brass rings around the wind up key holes indicate the face of the clock has never been replaced, the was stamp on the top shows it was made for export to China and from there to the USA. I've had the clock 20 years and was told then that it was over 100 years old, it could easily be 125 years old. When I first got it I took it to my clock repair man and told him to clean, lube or whatever you do to clocks and after that it was on our mantle keeping accurate time until 17/18 years later I was winding it up and sprung a spring so put it up for a year or so and in Feb. 2019 I took it back to the same repairman and he put it back in top condition and it has kept accurate time since, it has a very nice soft chime and it chimes on the hour and the half hour. Best that I recall it need winding every 7 days, she's a beauty.
Item Condition: On a scale of 1-10 this is 8
DIMENSIONS: 21" tall by 12" wide
Stock #: M-104

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