Keenly Mustard Advertising Bridge Card Marker Celluloid

Item: Keenly Mustard Advertising Bridge Card Marker Celluloid
Look at the detail on this great turn of the century celluloid game marker. A picture of the Keen's Mustard box is in full color with details down to their logo on the front of the can. The litho is 1.25 high x 1 wide. The logo in the middle of the can is a 1/4 of an inch and the details can only be seen with a loop. How much more detailed could a retailer get. Colors of this celluloid is a bright red with yellow and green. The back side says 'Tis Keenly hot, both hot and Keen. The Strongest Mustard sold I ween. There are two small wheels on tiny rivits to keep score. The word Games is above one tiny circle and the other one says points. Where else have you ever seen a three piece advertising celluloid with this much printing. 3452-WU
Item Condition: EXC
DIMENSIONS: 1.5" tall by 3" wide
Stock #: 3452b

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