Gay-Ola Soda Diecut Tin Double Sided Hanging Sign

Item: Gay-Ola Soda Diecut Tin Double Sided Hanging Sign
Rare to ever find anything on Gay-Ola due to the fact it did not last long as it was taken off the market. This soft drink can be traced back to Diva Brown's formula originated with J. C. Wells. The Gay-Ola trade mark was registered on Jan. 3, 1911. Their sales began in sky rocket and The Coca-Cola Company took notice and took the company to court. They won the first court case but lost an appeal and then was forced to change the script logo. But that was not the last of it, as the Coca Cola Company continued to take Gay-Ola to court charging unfair competition due to the diamond shaped label. This small double sided lithographed tin sign is extremely rare and diecut into the shape of a early soda fountain glass and has a fun loving of a little boy, in shorts, holding a bottle and a glass. As with a sign of its age,it has some small bend marks, two holes in the top foam and one in the bottom left. It was original a string hanging sign but string has long gone. The colors are extremely vibrant for its age. It measures 7 1/2 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches wide and is in good condition. 16662-71UOR
Item Condition: good
DIMENSIONS: 7.5" tall by 4.5" wide
Stock #: 16662d

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