Cherry Smash Tin Menu Flavor Drink Fowler's Sign

Item: Cherry Smash Tin Menu Flavor Drink Fowler's Sign
This scarce round tin over cardboard sign dates from the 1930's and is inscribed Drink Fowler's Cherry Smash Cherry blended with other true fruit flavors. The sign is designed to be a hanger or an easel back counter sign, but what makes this example special is that attached to it with chains and hanging below is a rectangular sign inscribed Cherry Smash Sundae, Cherry Smash Milk Shake, Cherry Smash Malted Milk, Cherry Smash Ice Cream Soda, Cherry Smash with Sandwiches. The top sign measures 8 3/4 in diameter and the bottom sign measures 9 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide. They are in excellent condition with a couple minor nicks and scratches. 14561-41EOP
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 19" tall by 8.75" wide
Stock #: 14561c

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