Marx Pepsi Cola Toy Vending Machine Plastic Bank

Item: Marx Pepsi Cola Toy Vending Machine Plastic Bank
Circa late 1940s plastic bank, shaped like a Pepsi machine, manufactured by Marx Toys. It is blue with a red double dot emblem and is embossed Drink Pepsi Cola ice cold, insert 5c. A miniature six pack carton with bottles is included. The bottles are inserted into the top of the bank. When a nickel is dropped into the coin slot a miniature bottle dispenses in the front just like a real soda machine. The bank is in excellent condition with almost no wear. The six pack carton is worn from age and little hands on it and a a tear on one end. The bottles are nice. 10415-90WPP
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 6.5" tall by 3" wide
Stock #: 10415f

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