Item: Paint Advertising Sign Zan Z Lac Davis Baltimore Md.
DIMENSIONS: 28.25" tall by 19" wide
Stock #: 12152b
Item Condition:Exc

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Circa 1920's cardboard easel back sign with a colorful ad for Davis Zan-z-lac paint. It has a great image of two painters in a hallway, one painting the stair bannister and the other painting the floor. They are wearing dress shirts and ties under their painter's uniforms. There is an emblem at the top of the sign inscribed Davis the paint that protects. Below that is the inscription Stains for floors, stairs, furniture, interior woodwork. When nothing else will do Zan-Z-Lac will bring them back and make them bright and new. It is in excellent condition with great color and minor creases in two corners. 12152-11QQT

We have been collecting and selling for over 30 years. We have 2 antique shops, so be sure to stop by if you are on traveling through the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Emailed at: We will do layaways on larger ticket pieces

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