Item: Vintage Monarch Finer Foods Lighted Advertising Clock
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Item Condition:Excellent

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This clock is in wonderful condition. It is still working and keeps good time. When running it has always had a clicking/ticking sound that can be heard when all is relatively quiet. The cord is original but in good condition. The domed glass and the glass face advertising Monarch Finer Foods are both near perfect. The numbers on the clock are a deep blue and the hands are black with the second hand being red. The orange and yellow colors of the Monarch Lion are brilliant and beautiful when the clock is lit.
The aluminum housing case is also in excellent condition with no denting or tarnishing and both of the sliding light covers are intact and open and close easily. Someone added a triangle piece of wire to hang the clock probably because it is easier to hang. The original hanger does not appear to have ever been used except to hold the added wire hanger.

At the very bottom of the glass dome there is a very small gathering of tiny vintage bugs that over the years found this beautiful clock to be their final resting place. The only way we can see to remove them is to disassemble the clock and this is a very complicated and delicate procedure and not something we would do in fear of damaging what is a near perfect and very desirable advertising collectible. The little bugs hardly at all detract but we wanted to mention them.

Of the three electrified lit clock photos the first and primary photo image was taken in the daytime with the clock lit and the second more dramatic photo image was taken with the clock lit in total darkness. The third image of the clock face was taken with the clock not lit.

This clock will be double boxed to protect it in shipping.

Circa, late 1940's, 1950's , dimensions 12 diameter x 3 1/2 deep.

We have been collecting and selling for many years and specialize in early American advertising, early 1900\'s cast iron toy vehicles, and vintage European and American chocolate molds. We guarantee all our items to be vintage and authentic.

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