Item: 1930 Article: Why Your Car Overheats Causes & Methods of Cor
This is an original magazine article that was removed from the July 1930 issue of Automobile Trade Journal and Motor Age Magazine. The title of this article is Why They Boil. A paragraph from this article is provided below:

The accompanying chart analyzes all the factors under these three main causes and explains briefly what to do to overcome them. Remember that a combination of several minor conditions equals a major defect.

This article contains 2-1/4 pages, 1 illustration and 1 photo. Page(s) measure approximately 8.75 wide by 11.75 tall. Article is in very good condition. The article may be larger than our scanner and may appear to be cut off, but the entire article is there. Paper may show toning due to the quality and age of paper. Note: page(s) only and not the entire magazine is included.
Item Condition: Very Good
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