Item: Five 1920s Home Made Folk Art Clothespin Wedding Gift
This sweet set of five hand carved and decorated clothespin characters looks like a group of groomsmen standing at a church altar. Perhaps an Amish wedding gift. They have black painted legs and white tops. Their flat arms appear to have been carved out of wooden match boxes and each figure has a slightly different expression and slightly different hair. They have hollowed out torsos and small holes below their chins which are holding what appears to be the remnants of rubber bands, as well as straight pins through their legs at thigh height, so they may have been joined together originally. From the looks of the nails holding on their arms they could date as early as the 1920's. They are a little worn and discolored, but in excellent overall condition. The price is for the set of five. 9169-OT
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 3" tall by 1" wide
Stock #: 9169c

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