Item: Nabisco Biscuit Oak Rack with Boxes Nice Kitchen Size
A wonderful country store display piece, this three shelf oak Nabisco display rack dates from the early twentieth century and comes with six cardboard biscuit boxes with Uneeda Biscuit lids. The lids are glass with nickel plated frames and probably date from the 1930s. The rack measures fifty-eight and three quarters inches tall by twenty-five and a quarter inches wide by sixteen inches deep at the foot and is in excellent condition with almost no wear. It has been refinished at some point and the cardboard boxes are replacements. The rack is held together with three threaded rods and will disassemble for easy shipping. 9985-61QQTP
Item Condition: NM
DIMENSIONS: 58.75" tall by 25.25" wide
Stock #: 9985b

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