Item: Handmade 1900 Antique Quilt Tree of Life Garden of Eden
This Tree of Life Pattern Quilt is striking and really looks modern. It is known that the ladies of the church loved to design quilts doing patterns that had biblical references. The Tree of Life Pattern is talked about in the Bible in reference to the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve's access to the tree was lost due to tasting the forbidden fruit. It is pink and white fabric, with twelve tree blocks and six pink blocks. The leaves of the tree are triangles sewn together to create two color squares. Then the squares are stitched on point, in diagonal strips to make up the tree's bower. It takes a very experienced quilter to be able to accurately create the rows of colors. It has a three piece backing. The condition on the quilt is nice displayable condition with a few light stains. The history and maker is unknown. There are 7 SPI and would date around 1890 - 1910.
Item Condition: exc.
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