Item: Carolina Four Block Pattern Quilt Handmade
Pattern is Four-block. This is a Four Block on point, set in strips alternating with chrome orange, blue, red , and muted browns. It has horizontal color strips/blocks with predominately prints of blue, brown and green, with varied size prints. This quilt is backed with print fabric (four hand-pieced sections). It is binded from back to front and is stitched in crossed -hatched diamond quilting. This quilt is in good condition. Some of the brown prints have dye damage. The origin of this quilt is Carolina's, dating between 1845 to 1865. Interesting fact, that the quilters never made a perfect quit, they felt that only God was perfect. Great piece for a wall hanging or on your bed. 8546-053
Item Condition: good
DIMENSIONS: 90" tall by 87" wide
Stock #: 8546d

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