Item: Pair Cavanagh Dobbs Ceramic Gift Hats & Boxes
The first is an unusual tin miniature hat gift box dates from the 1920's or 1930's and comes with a miniature ceramic top hat inscribed on the inside Dobbs Fifth Avenue New York on a lion coat of arms. The tin is decorated with a lithograph of a busy nineteenth century urban street scene and the hat is in near mint condition. The second is an elegant miniature octagonal hat box made of shiny black plastic, made to look like lacquer, and inscribed Cavanagh Hats Park Avenue New York on the ends. It contains a man's stoneware hat, painted gray, and inscribed with a lion and shield emblem and Cavanagh on the inside. These miniatures were given as gifts to be redeemed for a fitted hat at the clothing store. The hat has some areas of wear and paint loss. 9462-5175
Item Condition: NM
DIMENSIONS: 3" tall by 5" wide
Stock #: 9462e

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