Item: Democrats versus GOP mint postcard circa 1932
Democrats versus GOP mint postcard circa 1932. The opposition between the donkey and the elephant produced some interesting parallel depictions during the Great Depression and the 1932 election, pitching Hoover against Franklin Delano Roosevelt and here illustrated. Democrats invited electors to “kick out Depression with a democratic vote” and produced buttons with a mobile donkey which would kick away an elephant by pulling an attached string. For Republicans recovery instead required a serious uphill push for the US economy, “it’s an elephant’s job, no time for donkey business”, showing an hysterical and confused donkey kicking the air without any result.. Measures 5 1/2 x 3 1/2--in near mint unused condition. There may be either a horizontal or vertical white line in photos as there is a crack in the camera lens. Combined Shipping !!!!!
Item Condition: near mint
Stock #: 10pol090118

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