Item: Female Lingerie Store Display Mannequin Art Deco Era
Great early store display from the Art Deco period with lovely silver details at the base of the display. This display is made of paper mache with normal wear on the bottom edges. The nude body does have some wear around the bust, not sure why. The mannequin wears a girdle and bra type lingerie with a zipper up the back. Satin silk with lace covered brand pleated back. There are some holes in the back and a tear on the side at the bottom. The satin straps have been replaced. It has been soak washed in archival product which removed a lot of the dust and cigarette discoloration. Looks like at one time it perhaps had something extra on the front, perhaps a label, but it is no longer there. These are extremely hard to find and this one is a lovely example. 1255-81EPP
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 32.5" tall by 8" wide
Stock #: 1255b

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