Item: Small Spider Pan with Strong GATE MARK
7 1/4 diameter X 5 deep with 7 1/2 handle on three 1 1/2 legs and a 1/2 smitty made band around the upper part of the pan. It has two small cracks at the rim close to the handle and doesn't appear to me that it would interfere with cooking and it has some surface rust in the cooking area still even though it has very recently been cleaned and had a soaking in vinegar/water to remove rust, but the gate mark is an excellent one for display as it is a very strong, distinct GATE mark, this one would look cool hanging on a wall for display.
Item Condition: On a 1-10 scale this is 7.75
DIMENSIONS: 5" tall by 7" wide
Stock #: I-80

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Ship Weight: 7 lbs.