Item: Wood 11 inch High Desk
Someone was very good in creating this desk. It has several features that put it beyond a toy but while it is salesman sample size I do not believe it to be such. The top door of the desk has a lock tho the key has been long lost. On the right lower side of the desk is a door when opened reveals dividers just as a regular full sized desk has. And when the front top opens there are dividers there as well. The inside of the door has been painted black to simulate the leather finish one usually finds on a full sized desk. There is a little piece of wood missing on right (see picture) and a tiny split on the top (see picture) but overall it is quite nice. It looks to be made of oak and has a nice finish. It is almost 11 inches high, 6 inches at widest and a bit over 11 inches long.
Item Condition: see description
DIMENSIONS: see description" tall by see description" wide
Stock #: UC39

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