Item: Morrell's Iowa's Pride Heart Shaped Bookmark Celluloid
How lovely and attractive is this heart shaped celluloid bookmark giveaway from John Morrell & Co, Ottumwa, Iowa. Features butcher inside a inter red heart holding meat in each hand and cattle grazing in the background. On the other side reads Morrell's Iowa's Pride Meats are prepared for the finest trade. They process and flavor not found in any other brand. The results of over 70 years experience in curing Bacon and Hams. Two ears of corn on each side of the top. I am aways amazed at how the fine print was back in the early 1900's. We cannot reproduce this with a computer. Made by Whitehead and Hoag Co. 3451-WU
Item Condition: Mint
DIMENSIONS: 2.25" tall by 2" wide
Stock #: 3451b

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