Item: Toni American Character in Original Box
This 10 inch Toni has a sweet expression and a well made doll. She is slightly smaller than many of the similar-sized dolls made by other companies. A Toni Playwave Kit, used to style the doll's hair, was sold separately. Toni is vinyl and jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. Her rooted hair is a lovely brunette and she comes with here original styled curly bob with bangs. Two metal barrettes hold her hair in place. She has sleep eyes with molded lashes, and painted lashes at the corner of each eye. Tiny Toni has no paint on her nails, and no earring holes. Still wearing her original bra, panties and white high heel shoes. Still has her original Story of Toni Booklet. Some crunching on front of box. Circa 1950s. 5471-70QTT
Item Condition: NM
DIMENSIONS: 10.25" tall
Stock #: 5471b

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