Item: Celluloid Ladies Notebook Mrs Jas Brown Potter
Circa 1880's small pocket notebook with celluloid covers. On the front is an image of Mrs. Ja's Brown Potter, nee Cora Urquhart, an actress and socialite, born in New Orleans in 1859. She married Potter, a wealthy New Yorker, in 1877 and acted on the stage, primarily in England, until 1912. She died in 1936. The pages of the note book are printed in a grid pattern and edged in gold. It is held together with a leather spine. It may have been a theater souvenir. It is in excellent condition with some discoloration. The first page has been written on. 7132-11EP
Item Condition: Exc
DIMENSIONS: 3.25" tall by 2" wide
Stock #: 7132f

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