Item: Bookmark Eagle American Flag Shield Rally Day Celluloid
I love these small collectables. They are so part of our history of reading books and they were made of thin celluloid with a fine cut to be placed to mark a page. Circa 1900's - 1910's celluloid bookmark, manufactured by the Griffith & Rowland Press. It has a great image of a Stars & Stripes Shield, draped with American flags and surrounded by a laurel wreath. An eagle rests on top the shield. Below the image it is inscribed Rally Day, followed by a poem by Madeline S. Bridges. Apparently Rally Day was celebrated on the first Sunday after school started in the fall. Small gifts like this bookmark were given to the children for use during the school year. They were also intended to remind them that they were also members of the Sunday School. It is in excellent condition with minor wear. 12645-11WU
Item Condition: Exc
DIMENSIONS: 4.5" tall by 1.875" wide
Stock #: 12645d

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