Item: Sunbonnet Babies China Royal Bayreuth Pitcher
1900 Sunbonnet Babies were created by Bertha L. Corbett . She was anAmerican artist early 1900's. She had no confidence in her ability to draw faces, so she added sunbonnets to hide their face. She wanted her art to inspire children to develop healthy personal character traits and teaching them their daily chores (washing, ironing, sewing, sweeping, dusting, baking, & fishing/going to church). This little pitcher was to show the children about washing and ironing. Notice they are using a wooden tub and an old sad iron. Unusual shape with decorative handle. Unsigned . No chips or cracks. Stock #3229-90QUW
Item Condition: NM
DIMENSIONS: 3.5" tall
Stock #: 3230e

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