Item: Peanut Butter Glass Paper Label Mr. Peanut Planters
From back in the days when practically everything had more than one use comes the Planters Peanut Butter glass. It had a pry off tin lid and an easily removable label so that it could be converted to a drinking glass. My grandmother had a bunch of these. This example is missing its lid, but the label is still intact. It is orange with yellow trim and is inscribed Planters Homogenized Peanut Butter, no oil separation. On the left side of the label Mr. Peanut is pointing a finger at homogenized and saying New ! Smoother ! On the back of the label is an offer to receive the Planters Seeing The U. S. A. paint book for free with three peanut butter labels. The label is in good condition with a small area of loss on the bottom edge, a couple of scratches, and minor fading. 13178-21TP
Item Condition: good
DIMENSIONS: 5" tall by 2.75" wide
Stock #: 13178e

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