Item: D-X Erie 743 Gas Pump
This restored Erie Model 743 gas pump dates from the early 1950's and has D-X Gasoline advertising. It is painted black and white with the original red, white, and blue D-X pump plates and reverse decorated lighted panels at the top inscribed No Extra Cost D-X The Lubricating Motor Fuel. The globe is a new and inscribed Diamond D-X Lubricating Motor Fuel. The pump measures about 77 tall by 30 wide by 16 deep and is in excellent condition with a crack in one of the globe lenses, a small dent on one of the panels, and minor chips and scratches on the pump plates. 14266-41QRQY
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 77" tall by 30" wide
Stock #: 14266e

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