Item: Radiator Caps Display Bin Service Station 1950s
This blue and yellow steel slant front counter top display and storage cabinet dates from the 1950's. It has a folding sign on the top inscribed Stant Quality Products 'Evrseal' Automotive Gas Tank and Radiator Filler Caps. The front door, which opens upward, has mounting holes on the front to display examples of gas and radiator caps and is inscribed Stant Closure Caps are used on America's Finest Automobiles as Standard Equipment. Inside the cabinet is a storage area with a single shelf. This example currently contains eight new old stock boxes with gas or radiator caps in them. The cabinet measures sixteen inches tall by thirteen and a half inches wide by nine inches deep at the bottom and is in excellent condition with some scratches and surface rust. 15511-51WUT
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 16" tall by 13.5" wide
Stock #: 15511e

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