Item: 1962 Mattel Game Charmin Chatty Cathy in Box
Two 1962 games to play with Charmin' Chatty, Chatty Cathy at the Fair and Chatty Skate'n Slide, with the original box. Included are a game board with a game on either side, four plastic Chatty game pieces, and a Chatty changeable record with a side for each game. The game pieces and board are in good condition. The box has an image of a happy little girl pulling Chatty's string and the inscription You can tell it's Mattel ... it's swell ! The box is misshapen and water stained with 2 torn corners. 6740-1121
Item Condition: Good
DIMENSIONS: 12.25" tall by 9.25" wide
Stock #: 6740c

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