Item: Candy Aridor Pannae Display Jars Vintage Country Store
This unusual pannae candy display was manufactured by Aridor in Chicago. The display consists of three long jars, with rounded bottoms and aluminum lids, joined together, one over two, with aluminum brackets. The lids have built in sponge dehumidifiers and are embossed Aridor Pat. April 17, 1917, To Restore Drying Action Bake Pad in Oven Thirty Minutes. A new tin sign attached over the top jar is inscribed Fresh Candy 2 for 1c. The jars measure twenty inches long by six inches square and the assembled display is twenty-one inches tall by fourteen inches wide. The display is in excellent condition with some corrosion on the lids and dehumidifiers, and the rear bracket for the top jar is missing. 9490-QTP
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 21" tall by 14" wide
Stock #: 9490d

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