Item: 1930 Munsing Wear Hosiery Box with original nylons
This clean, colorful cardboard box dates from the 1930s and has an alluring image of a scantily clad young lady sitting on her bed, her stocking covered legs exposed to the light thrown by an opening door. In small letters in the lower left is inscribed Munsing Wear Hosiery. Inside the box are two pairs of early nylon stockings, one pair by Bijou and the other by Gotham. The box measures nine and three quarters inches tall by six and three eighths inches wide by seven eighths inches deep and is in excellent condition with a light surface scratch and a small amount of corner wear. 9996-61RP
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 9.75" tall by 6.375" wide
Stock #: 9996d

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