Item: Paper Doll Party Playtime Merrill Archives Uncut
From the Merrill Archives these are circa 1950s. Uncut from the Merrill Company Publishes. These came from the files of the company who kept a sample of everything they made. This is a great Playtime set with 6 dolls to cut out on the front and back. The little girls names were Patty, Wendy, Ginny, Sherry, Jill and Debbie. This was shown as a Cutout Book and not not a paper doll box. Lots and lots of clothes as shown in the picture. Includes Patty's Playtime Dolls and Jack & Jill. Size Largest: 12 - 1/2 x 10 - 1/4. Stock #3055-9082
Item Condition: NM+
DIMENSIONS: above" tall
Stock #: 8197c

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