Item: Planters Punch board Peanut Game Unused
Circa 1930s-1950s unused 2c punch board game with an image of a tin of Planters Cashews at the top next to a list of winning numbers. For 2c a customer would select a hole, inside of which was a small piece of paper with a number on it. If the number matched any of the winners the customer would get a free 4 oz. tin of Planters Cashews. It was manufactured by Noel's Gay Games, Inc. in Muncie, IN. and is in excellent condition with some minor wear and scuffing. Some of the foil over the holes is missing, but none of them have been punched through.10664-11UT
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 8.25" tall by 9.25" wide
Stock #: 10664f

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