Item: Yale Harvard Models Canoe Catalog Mullins
This rare sales catalog dates from the early twentieth century and advertises Mullins non sinkable canoes manufactured by the W. H. Mullins Company in Salem, OH. The cover has a great illustration of an Indian in a birch bark canoe and a young lady in a red canvas covered canoe paddling on a calm lake under the light of a full moon. The catalog details the various models and manufacturing processes and in the center is a fold out poster with the Yale model in blue and the Harvard model in red. In the back are price lists for accessories and shipping. The catalog measures nine and a half inches tall by eight inches wide and is in good condition with some stains and soiling as well as silverfish damage, mainly on the edges of the cover. 14848-21QQI
Item Condition: good
DIMENSIONS: 9.5" tall by 8" wide
Stock #: 14848d

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