Item: Coca-Cola Driver Employee Red Cufflinks
Manufactured in the 1920s, this pair of nickel plated brass cufflinks have red celluloid Coca Cola button emblems and were part of an employee's uniform. They measure about 1/2 inch tall by 1/2 inch in diameter and are in excellent condition with minor surface wear. This and other Coca Cola pieces are from the Thom Thompson Estate. Mr. Thompson collected for over 50 years and was a Coke Bottler himself. He received a Special Thanks in Allan Petretti's Coca Cola Price Guide as follows: Thom has always been my number one supporter. Ever since the first edition, he has unselfishly offered his knowledge and collection to help make this book better. Thom and Frances are among the countries top collectors. This book wouldn't be what it is today without their help. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to add a piece with such history to your collection. 16697-71YT
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: .5" tall by .625" wide
Stock #: 16697a

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