Item: Pine Bucket Bench Antique Primitive 1800
Circa early 1800's primitive country pine bucket bench in restored condition. It has three narrow shelves that range in depth from 7 to 8 top to bottom and a 15 3/4 deep bottom bench for large pails and containers. It has solid end panels that curve outward at the bottom and the shelves are joined into them with what looks like half a dovetail joint. The shelf has seen a lot of use and at one point spent years in a dirt floored basement or outbuilding. One end panel has had an 8 section replaced at the foot the width of the panel and the other side has had a 5 x 4 1/2 section that includes the rear foot replaced. The shelf has been completely restored, stripped and refinished, and has a great patina. The repairs just add to the folk art look. It measures 51 tall x 49 wide x 15 3/4 deep. It would be a great addition to a country kitchen. Due to the size it would be for pick up only or possibly delivered on one of our many trips. 6576-QEPP
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 51" tall by 49" wide
Stock #: 6576d

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