PEPSI COLA BOTTLE RADIO 1949 STORE DISPLAY 2 FEET TALL DOUBLE DOT EXCELLENT. Here is a 70 year old Pepsi Cola radio that you don't see every day. It's made of molded plastic or bakelite. Model #320. Incredibly there is no damage to the plastic. This is tube radio. This one is marked 4/1949 on the bottom. It's called Superheterodyne Receiver and says Hazeltine corp. (not sure if that's the manufacturer or not). Replacement decals. All embossed on the upper section of the bottle where it says Pepsi Cola. Neck has nice paint, could have been repainted. Works a little, mainly hums and static. I heard just the slightest of sounds coming out of the radio. Volume works as the hum will get louder and softer as you turn the dial. I did not have an outdoor speaker wire to connect, may work better with that. Very light wear, no cracks. Has the outdoor antenna connection on bottom plus other info mentioned above. Old electric cord, not sure if original. Great display piece. Supposedly used in soda fountains and drug stores as a display, not sold to the general public. More signs and advertising for sale. If you have any questions please email or give me a call or text at cell 609 212 6649 or landline phone 609 443 3074. Thank you, Dave
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