Item: Pilsener Beer Vintage Celluloid Advertising Sign Hanging
This rare round celluloid over cardboard hanging sign, manufactured by the Parisian Novelty Co., dates from the 1930's or 1940's and advertises P. O. C. Beer, brewed by Pilsener Brewing in Cleveland, OH. The sign is light blue with red, black, and gold trim. It has a P. O. C. shield emblem at the top and is inscribed Pilsener P. O. C. Beer Aged to Prefection. The brewery never revealed what the initials stood for, but locals called it the Pride of Cleveland. The brand changed hands several times and production ended in the mid 1980's. The sign measures nine inches in diameter and is in excellent condition with a quarter inch cut in the front and light scuffs and scratches. 14940-51QOP
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 9" tall by 9" wide
Stock #: 14940c

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