Item: 1920 Waterman Root Beer Wooden Advertising Thermometer
This rare wooden thermometer dates 1910's or 1920's and is inscribed A Drink Of A Thousand Waterman's Old-Fashion Root Beer In Stone Bottles Made From Roots and Herbs By John E. Waterman Apponaug, R.I. At the bottom the thermometer is inscribed Insist On Waterman's Nerve Tonic A Real Drink. I was not able to find much info on Waterman, but it seems that he was a small local bottler, perhaps during Prohibition. The thermometer measures fifteen inches tall by four inches wide and is in excellent condition with some wear in the lower corners and several paint drips on the surface. 14942-51QWP
Item Condition: exc
DIMENSIONS: 15" tall by 4" wide
Stock #: 14942c

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