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Goal of our site

To offer only vintage collectibles and antiques which we feel collectors are seeking.

Please remember

Our decision whether to include an item is always based on the item and if it fits into our site. If we have a question we will contact you for your input. We are not knowledgeable about every field so sometimes we may ask you questions.

Items listed in categories must be

As a general rule 1989 and before.
Condition should be good to mint. We hav life. The following will not be allowed - Re-Issue items including but not limited to Coca Cola and Fisher Price; Limited Edition Items; Danbury Mint; Franklin Mint; Commemorative Series; Whiskey and Avon Decanters and Collectors Plates. Items should be something that was bought to use and not put on a shelf.

Reference Books category

Any age reference book may be included in this category, but ONLY in thate found that items in poor condition do not sell and it is a waste of your time to include.

Collectible 70's & Collectible 80's

Items made in the 1970's & 1980's which were used and played with in every day one category.

Movie & TV Memorabilia Category

Included are movie props, posters and television items.
Animated Production Cels through 1975. (Not allowed are computer generated cels and/or serial numbered cels) They should be listed in the "Collectible 70's" category.

Not allowed are

Fantasy and reproduction items or computer generated cels.
Wooden crafted items which cannot be documented as vintage.
Collector Series Dolls, including Barbie, G.I. Joe and Madame Alexander.
Limited Edition Items Including but not limited to:
Danbury Mint, Franklin Mint, Commemorative Series and Collectors Plates.
Whiskey Decanters and Collectors Plates. We reserve the right to reject items which we do not feel fit into the site.

Not allowed due to state and federal laws:

Firearms, bullets, gun parts, weapons or hunting knives
Animal and Wildlife items such as mounted specimens and mounted ivory.
Artifacts - such as Native American crafts, cave formations, and grave-related items.


We respect your right to list on other websites, such as ebay, however, we ask if the item is sold that you IMMEDIATELY delete them from our site. We have an "on hold" button which you may use if you take it to a show or it is not currently available. If we have a report from a buyer, that you were not able to complete the sale due it having already been sold, your store will be closed, due to a breach of this policy.

We are collectors who have been in the antique business for 40 plus years. We may often ask questions about items we do know about. So, please don't be offended. As sellers you must be able to describe the material it is made out of, condition, as well as know approximate age. This is the guarantee to the buyer that the item is old.

Feel free to contact us at: if you have a question on an item you are getting ready to list before you spend the time to take photos and do the descriptions.

Our decision is always based on if the item is vintage and it fits into our site.