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How is different?

We are all vintage with no reproductions, limited editions, crafts, and fantasy or collectors series...only vintage items prior to 1980. We look at each listing before it goes live to make sure it fits into our site. Supporting our sellers and protecting the reputation of our site is our goal.

Investing in Your Shop

Internet success is not overnight, it takes some time. Just because your items are online, you will not be flooded with orders when you open the doors. It will take you a couple of months to start selling. We supply you with the advertising, templates, data feeds and tools to drive traffic to your store. Adding listings once or twice a week will spark interest in buyers. The shops that sell more add items frequently.

Establishing a Customer Base

Return customers are an important part of sales. A buyer who likes your type of listings will check your store often to see what you have listed. They will not return if there are no new listings. Be sure to show the phone number where you can be reached. You will be surprised how many people want to ask more questions and get to know you. They want to feel comfortable with sending you money. Be sure to respond quickly to questions, offers and orders. Check your email several times a day. Also some of our best customers are not computer knowledgeable and prefer the old fashioned way of calling you directly via phone.


Everyone's overhead is different and how you price your items is your decision. However, we suggest that you put a wide variety of price ranged items. This attracts all types of buyers who never know what they will find at your store.

Knowledge is success

Your knowledge is important to the success of your store. New collectors are coming into the market every day; Television shows like "The Pickers" are bringing new collectors to the market. They are looking for knowledgeable people, who can tell them about the item and grade the condition properly. Be sure to date the item and give an exact description of the item. If you don't know anything about the item, do your research.

Title and descriptions sell

If you saw a classified ad that said "Blue Car for Sale" - would you read further? Probably not...but if it said "2013 Chevrolet 4 Wheel Drive Low Mileage" you would then want to know more. If the description said: Nice clean car, asking price negotiable - would you call? However, if it said: Great dark blue leather interior, with lots of accessories, garage kept, waxed and ready for you to might want to call.

Always put yourself in the buyer's position and ask...would I look at the listing? Also remember that Google and other search engines will pick up all of those important keywords, so buyers who search a certain item will find you. Again, looking at the example above - would you be searching for a "blue car" on Google, or would you be searching for a 2013 Chevrolet 4 Wheel Drive? The more exact you are in your title the better chances your item will come up in any search.

How much can I expect to sell?

Our site averages 4.5 million hits a month, but is hard to tell you what you will sell. The market is ever changing and your sales will depend on the merchandise you list, its condition and pricing. The more you list the more your chances are to sell. New people find our site on a daily basis, so you never know what they are looking for.